Huntsville Master Chorale
6th National Choral Composition Contest

Contest Theme: The Gift of Music

Open to current US Residents
Deadline-Submissions will be received through February 28, 2023


  • The winning composition must be at a technical level that makes performance possible by a volunteer adult Festival choir of 80-100 voices.
  • Entries must be original compositions (no arrangements of works by other composers).


  • Voicing should be SATB. Moderate tessitura and harmonic language should be used for all parts (Sopranos C4-G5, Altos G3-D5, Tenors C3-F4, Basses G2-D4). Some divisi will be allowed.
  • Due to the intention of performing the winning work, these criteria will be very important in the judging process.


  • The composer will choose the text, based on the theme THE GIFT OF MUSIC
  • Text should be Public Domain or the composer’s own creation. If neither Public Domain or original, the text should be accompanied by documentation clearly confirming that the composer has secured permission to use it and to present it in public performances. (Any costs related to securing said permission are solely the responsibility of the composer.)
  • English is preferred, but pieces that use other languages will be considered.

Accompaniment and Length:

  • Compositions may be A cappella or accompanied by piano, and/or instruments up to 15 musicians.
  • Compositions should be at least 3 minutes but not more than 10 minutes.

Submission Details:

  • Compositions do not need to be newly created; however, all submissions may not have been previously adjudicated or performed in public. The winning entry will be premiered during the Huntsville Choral Festival June 3, 2023, conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Allen Murdock.
  • Electronic submissions (PDF) are required. Audio files in MP3 format are strongly encouraged.
  • Scores must be clear and ready for duplication and performance, using one of the standard music printing programs (PDF, Finale, Sibelius, etc.)
  • If composers submit their work written by hand, it should be clearly legible.
  • Please remove all identifying marks from submitted scores as the judging will be conducted anonymously.
  • The names of all participants will be held in confidence during the adjudication.
  • A completed copy of the form below must accompany each submission.
  • Entries using copyrighted lyrics must include written permission.
  • No more than two compositions will be accepted from a single composer.


  • DEADLINE – Submissions will be received through February 28, 2023.


The winning composition will be selected by a panel of guest judges, members of the Huntsville Master Chorale and the Chorale’s Artistic Director. This evaluation will consider the quality of the piece and its suitability for a successful performance by the festival choir. The winning piece and composer will be announced by email and social media platforms on March 31, 2023. The decision of the judging is final. Should the compositions submitted not meet the standards set forth, the Huntsville Master Chorale reserves the right to withhold the award.


The Huntsville Master Chorale shall retain unlimited performance and mechanical rights to performances and recordings made by the Huntsville Master Chorale. The composer shall retain all other copy, performance, and mechanical rights to their works.

Award: $1000