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Jane K. Lowe Charitable Foundation


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Dennis and Josephine Clements

Timothy Lewis

Don Liles

Rob and Deborah Preece

Brian and Terrie Pung

Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Schreeder

Gregory Wright

Bronze Contributors

Community Ballet Association

The Hamner Family Foundation

Philip and Gail Hopson

Royce and Beverly Liles

Peggy McClure

Richard and Sherry Smith


Betty Augsburger

Alicia Beam

Rusty Bynum, in memory of Larry Bingham

Alice Chang, in honor of Millicent Simmons

Patricia Hair, in memory of Bill McAllister

Klaus and Rosemarie Juergensen, in memory of Bill McAllister

Linda and Bill McAllister

Philip and Serena Neely

Dr. Craig and Mary Romer

John and Sue Shaver

Gary Sisco


Willie and Shirley Anderson

Angela Arnold

Wanda Baumgartner

Harriet Bibb

Ron and Karen Brown

Dr. Ricky and Abigail Byrn

Mary Margaret Cofield

Bill and Peggy Collins

Katharina G. Coupland

Mary Darsey

Tim and Maxine Doherty, in honor of Linda McAllister

Charles and Joyce Edgar

Dr. James Fisher

Friends of Bill McAllister, in memory of William Knox McAllister

David and Peggy Galloway

Alice Gardner

Bonnie Pfitzer Gierhart

Kelli and Greg Gilbreath

Chip and Dr. Courtney Gulbro

Bruce and Patricia Hacker, in memory of Bill McAllister

Heinrich Hahn

Morris and Tish Hammer

Tommy and Susie Harper

Gary Hartwig

Richard and Kay Heckman

Sarah Hubbard, in memory of Hayne Shumate

Jennifer Humiston

Larry and Charlene Lechner, in honor of Donna Clark

Jeff and Ellie Lienau

Susan Livingston

Bill and Ginny Love

Doug and Karen Madison

Barbara Martin

Jane Alford McBride, in honor of Linda McAllister

Bethany McCrady, in memory of Hayne Shumate

Sara McDaris

Bert and Elizabeth Moore, in memory of Diana Rose

John and Kay Newton

Hugh Nicholson and Liz Switzer

Doug and Carol Nixon, in memory of Hayne Shumate

Ann Parent

Elizabeth Peterson

Sarah Priester

Joanne Sanders

Camille Scales

Jason and Greta Schrimsher

David and Grace Schultz

Jane Seltzer

Joe and Gail Sparks

Robert Stottle

USB Financial, Inc.

Dr. Norma Van Zee


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